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Our capabilities are defined by what we achieve. And we strive to achieve the very best. COBALT is a

unique automation platform which makes it easier to integrate multiple devices onto one simplified interface.


Forget multiple remote controls, switches or key fobs to operate different home appliances. COBALT brings convenience

at the tip of your fingers and ensures that your home is SMART.

Introducing Krome

Krome gives you complete access and control of your home. An in-house wired automation

solution, Krome automates all home appliances and systems efficiently.

Advantage of Krome

Retro-fit (wired Automation)

Limitless Customization

Energy Management


Remote Access

3rd Party Integration

Introducing IOTA

Your bill will say it all! Gone are the days when we used to go around the house to switch off unused lights.

Iota powered smart home takes care of it for you. It aptly understands your room-wise

energy requirement by  monitoring usage,  analysing your energy consumption  and alerting

you to any resource wastage promptly. The Green Concept effectuated by Iota reinvents

our outlook of  home energy management.

Advantage of IOTA

Functions as your energy meter which effectively records the expenditure of home energy resources such as lighting and electrical.

Differentiates power usage requirement of your kitchen from that of the living room.

Smartly notifies when the set standards are exceeded and there’s an unplanned surge in the consumption.

Allows long term comparison between the current and previous energy use.

Establishes patterns and makes it easy to keep a track of all home bills accurately and economically.